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Refurbished machines

Posted: 07/08/2015

Welcome to our latest blog, during the past few years it is noticeable how many small businesses

Have chosen a “refurbished” machine over a new model, in the current economic climate this makes perfect sense. Not wishing in any way to put people off from buying new equipment but sometimes it’s difficult to justify the extra cost.

As an example one of our fully refurbished Bizhub machines will come in at less than half the price of an equivalent new machine. We provide the same service agreement on a refurbished machine as we do on a new machine and this will last for a minimum of five years.

Something that people insist on is the age of a refurbished machine when they should worry about how the machine has been used, eg a 5 year old machine may have produced 60,000 sheets in its life or a 12 month old machine may have produced 100,000 sheets, I would always go for the lower volume machine.

To help put minds at rest with one of our refurbished machines we will always offer the opportunity of you having the machine for a week to try it and satisfy yourself that the machine is suitable for your needs and is in the “as new” condition that we always say our machines are.

A typical refurbished machine would be the Bizhub C220 with a price starting at £1,100 plus vat depending on the configuration, at this price you would get a document feeder two paper trays and cabinet with network scan and print.    

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