About Appointment Business Machines

We are an independent business, and between us have over 100 years of combined experience in supplying and maintaining office equipment. We are partners and authorised dealers for:

Konica Minolta (Uk) Ltd | OKI (UK) Ltd | Kyocera Uk (Ltd)

At Appointment, we do our best to maintain a personal service for our customers, some would call it “old school” and we would not argue, in fact we take that as a compliment.  We believe you would not find a more reliable or trustworthy supplier anywhere in the South East of England.

Our team will do everything; from a first meeting to discuss your office needs, helping you decide on the best way forward, with recommendations on the best machines to use and offering advice and assistance wherever possible, finally agreeing on a solution to fit your requirements. We then deliver your chosen equipment and complete the installation all in one visit.  Once installation is complete we will train your staff on how to use the equipment.


Our maintenance agreement is effective immediately you take delivery of your machines and it will be one of our team, who delivered and installed everything, that will be your designated engineer; our idea being that in future when you have to call an engineer you will know who will be arriving and he will also know you and the equipment you have.  We find this very quickly helps build a strong relationship between customer and supplier.

"When a customer contacts us for help or assistance it will be one of us that answers, not a call centre 100's miles away.  This way your call will be answered by someone who has an interest in you and your business, and more importantly wants to help."

When a customer contacts us for help or assistance it will be one of that answers, not call centre 100's miles away.  this way your answered by someone who has an interest in you and business, more importantly wants to help."

The equipment we supply is among the most sophisticated on the market today. Our range varies from a simple stand alone photocopier or printer to state of the art latest technology.  For example you can have the ability to print wirelessly direct from your mobile device.  If you are security conscious, you can have fingerprint recognition in order to start the equipment thus ensuring only authorised usage; you can use a code number system to help you keep track of your print costs; we can even use remote diagnostics to tell us you are running out of toner so we can replace it before you know you need it.  Whichever level of sophistication you are looking for can be obtained through our award winning range of  equipment.

Once you have chosen the best option for your needs, we can provide advice on the various options available to fund this investment in your organisation… but we would like to do it our "old school way!"

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