Rental machines

Some things in this world do not always fit into a system or an exact time table. Sometimes you need an A3 multifunctional machine for maybe 12 / 18 months, may be much longer but you can’t be sure. How do you proceed without committing a lot of money unnecessarily?

If you are a new start-up company you may not be able to obtain lease clearance and may not have sufficient cash to purchase a machine outright.

The answer would be to rent a “Bizhub” machine, we can offer you a fully refurbished machine on a rental basis, the rental cost would depend on the  period, typically an 18 month agreement would be £30 per month plus vat and maintenance.

On a rental machine the maintenance agreement would be the same quality agreement as you would get from purchasing a brand new machine and includes all parts and consumable items.

Rental periods and costs are fully flexible.

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